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Below we have added the standard banner sizes used on web pages to advertise your business or service. There are a lot of different banner sizes used to advertise online. The most popular are the 120x600 and 468x60.

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Why use banners to advertise Online?
An Internet Banner ad is a way of advertising on the World Wide Web. Their intention is to attract traffic to your website by either clicking on a static or animated banner from a web page that has interesting content or related content to your product or services.

Large size banners are more effective, medium sized banners are an affiliate favourite and 125 x 125 are used in Blogs!

Web Banner Ads are fast becoming the most used way of advertising on the Internet. A web banner ad is a way to advertise your website and services on a different website. This involves placing a web banner ad on another web page for users to view your website and potentially use your services.

The web banner is usually a .gif, .jpg, or .png image. They can either be static or animated and are usually a specific shape and pixel size. If you would like to view some of our examples of web banners that we have designed can be found here...



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